A changing world...

Observing, experimenting, listening and being ready to reinvent ourselves make more sense than ever



allowing spontaneity

Learning from consumers is an organic and dynamic experience: we listen and adapt to the specificities of each project along its life.


"à la carte"

We believe that research is much more than validation! Our mission is to deliver a real learning experience, that inspires and enables the next steps.



Bringing life to discussions involving  targets, clients, and real life:  allowing the unexpected.

Leveraging emotional bonds, experiencing consumer’s environments "live"

efficiently fueling innovation

Approaches that multiply ideas exponentially

Playing with interactive tools to maximize the scope of research findings

The consumer becomes an active observer of his or her environment and a reporter for the study
Target segmentation around a product or a category, illustrated with experiences of real daily life
Consumers and designers play a board game around the table to stimulate innovation processes
The emotional bond shared by a community around a topic to fuel product development processes
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Two passions: human behaviour and human creation. Consumer research enables Jimena’s double cursus of Psychology and Architecture to be combined in an original and professional way.

Living in, experiencing and observing different cultures and different languages allows her to adopt a truly wide-horizon and creative approach to her work.


At ease with the unexpected: Jimena can discuss strategic issues with top managers of an international corporation as easily as moderate a focus group with teenagers about the next buzz product, or partnering up with a design team for making research findings tangible.

International flair: based on having lived in Colombia, Italy, Germany and France. Fluent in Spanish, French, English and Italian.

Skills and expertise: automotive, new technologies, home appliances, innovation, design, personal care, beauty & cosmetics, food & consumer goods, B2B




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